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Guangzhou Topper Human Resource Consulting Co., Ltd.

About Guangzhou Topper Human Resource Consulting Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Topper Human Resource Consulting Co., Ltd. is one of the first generation talent consulting companies in China. For consecutive 10 years since it was founded in 1997, it has provided quality talent seeking service for various representative famous enterprises at home and abroad, such as transnational companies operated in China, local companies invested by European and American merchants, companies in Hong Kong, and domestic companies with first class strengths. Through many years of doing business in the talent industry, we have accumulated abundant talent information resources, formed a set of efficient and professional operating modes, and cultivated a number of highly experienced consulting teams. We have the following advantages in talent hunting service: ☆ The accumulation of ample operating experiences and many successful cases enables us to gain a better insight into the current state of the Chinese market and the true needs of the customers, and to find the most suitable talent for our customers in a faster and more accurate way. ☆ Having ample expertise, various interpersonal relations and professional consulting teams of high caliber ensures that we can provide superior service for the customers continuously. ☆ We have the most advanced information resource management system and ever expanding senior talent database, which enable us to update, track, reject and supplement professionals in various industries, so as to efficiently and quickly provide eligible candidates for our customers. In addition, we have provided enterprises with effective salary and welfare service for many years consecutively based on our diversified social relations and sufficient information sources in the area of local human resource as well as our understanding of the industrial background and relevant salary and welfare policies of local foreign-invested enterprises. It is our sensitivity to the current state of market salary that enables us to catch up with the market changing trend of position salary for various industries in a time fashion during our talent seeking, and to provide talent seeking enterprises with continuously increased value-added salary consulting service. Since the beginning of the 21st century, technology has been changing everyday, the entire society has been developing at high speed, people’s view of value has been changing significantly, and the thinking mode and talent using mode for enterprise management have been changing as well. Topper Consulting Company will face such changes actively, and adapt to the situation and provide our customers with even more superior talent recruiting service based on our aggressive, innovative and constructive service.

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  • Contact person: MS.Annie Liao
  • Phone number: 0571-88165681
  • Current location: Guangzhou
  • Address: Guangzhou
  • Email:

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