Business Representatves are need

Additional Information

  • Post Title: Business Representatves are need
  • category: Sales
  • subcategory: Sales Reps/Execs jobs
  • No. of Vacancies: 6
  • Location: Guangzhou
  • Posting duration: 2011-10-21 ~ 2012-1-1
  • Level of Spoken Chinese: A little
  • Nationality: United States
  • Education: Bachelor or above
  • Work Experience: NO
  • Gender: F/M
  • Age: 30
  • Work Status: Parttime
  • Salary: negotiate
  • Position responsibilities and other requirements:
- Responsible for foreign purchasers development, purchasers information collection; 
- To communicate with foreign purchasers 
- To introduce the supply chain services for foreign purchasers; 
-To convince foreign purchasers to cooperation with us; 
- Contract negotiation and signing; 

- English speakers,from Mongolia, the Philippines, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, a Central Asian country, or even a Pacific island nation 
- Perferably if employed by another company 
- With work experience in international business will be first. 
- Basic Chinese level or above 
- Good communication ability 

What to offer: 
- Work entirely on commission 
- Work benefits 
- 3/1000 Commission per contract,Negotiable 


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