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Tips for Changing Job in China

With many Western nations experiencing stagnant economies and high unemployment rates (7.9% in the US, 11.2% in the EU), more foreigners than ever are moving to Mainland China to reside and work, as  Read more »

Tips for Job Interview in China

During the interview, the hiring manager is trying to get a sense of who you are — you can answer all of their questions perfectly, but what about everything else you do during the time that you spend  Read more »

How to Find a Job in China---Tip7

Talking about a salary for a potential new job is a task many people dread or feel ill equipped to deal with. Researching salaries First, you need to know the current salary range for the role. Salary  Read more »

How to Find a Job in China---Tip6

In the job hunting process, many applicants are not enough prepared. So why teacher applicants are unprepared when applying for a teaching job? The author list out some reasons as follows: 1. They do  Read more »

How to Find a Job in China---Tip5

Do Your Homework Consider job hunting a full-time occupation. Remember, the best-prepared candidate has the competitive edge in a job search. Build Your Resume and Knowledge Base Your preparati  Read more »

How to Find a Job in China---Tip4

Know Yourself To get the teaching job you really want, you have to wage a targeted marketing campaign to sell yourself. You have to create the impression that you are the only who can do the job the   Read more »

How to Find a Job in China---Tip 3

Learn ways to run a more effective interview, asking great questions that can keep candidates on their toes, and allow you to learn more about your prospects. Your business depends on your ability t  Read more »

How to find a job in China---Tip 2

A good cover letter entices the recipient to give your resume a thorough read by planting seeds of interest.Like a trailer (the technical name for the movie advertisements that precede the main feat  Read more »

How to find a job in China---Tip 1

Where Do You Begin? Cover letters and resumes have many similarities. They serve to advertise the candidate and use many of the same writing conventions. Both draw on information from your Personal   Read more »

Job Hunting Being More vigourous

Social networking media may very well shape the face of future job hunting in China as investors make a beeline for professional networking companies in the country with the most Internet users in the  Read more »

English Proficiency Certificate

Confusingly, the English language teaching world has a bewildering array of abbreviations and acronyms, many of which mean the same thing, and most of which have no official significance.ELT stands fo  Read more »

Tips and Guides for Foreign Teachers Looking for Jobs in China

1. Foreign Experts With the development of Chinese economy, society and culture, a great number of foreign specialists are invited to work in China every year. They are not unskilled workers, but b  Read more »

L Visa Transfer to Z Visa

If you hold an L Visa now and want to get a Z Visa during its validity period, you should notice the following three matters.Application Documents1. Valid passport and copies2. Provide following pape  Read more »

Tips for Foreign Teachers

1. Who can be considered foreign experts working in China ? Foreign experts who are invited to work in China can be divided into the following: 1. Foreign educational, scientific, cultural and medi  Read more »

Preparation Tips for Looking Job in China

You need a good preparation on ideology before teaching in China. Preparation for language exchange As most of the people you contact with may speak Chinese, you need to be patient enough to communica  Read more »

Foreigners Working in China

As China has joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, more and more expats are working in china. In Shanghai alone, where more than half of the global top 500 multinationals have a presence,  Read more »

Foreign Teachers in China

Private foreign tutor It may be one to one or one to more students for the teaching, the pay is different according to the number of the students you are teaching. You can get higher pay than the comm  Read more »

human resources

Vacancies available Copyeditors: 1.Native English Speakers only. 2.Journalistic experience and good news-writing skills,. 3.A good command of the English language. 4.Commitment and  Read more »

Private sector provides 90% of new jobs in China

Robust growth of the private sector has made it China's major new jobs provider, contributing 90 percent of new positions, Minister of State Administration for Industry and Commerce Zhou Bohua said T  Read more »

Basis Knowledge for Paying Tax

Resident taxpayers include individuals with a residence in the Chinese territory or those who do not have a residence in China but have lived in China for a whole year during a taxation year. Residen  Read more »

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