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Xi'an Provides Big Advantages for Foreign Students and Workers

John Zhang became frustrated as hisNorth American client suggested he recruit 700 more workers. "They said we could even hire up to 1,000," he said. "But we just can't." Zhang is president of New  Read more »

Career growth tied to job after school

Among overseas returnees, those employed by multinational or foreign companies and those who start their own businesses enjoy better career development in China, according to analysts. Thanks to th  Read more »

Foreign Experts inChina

A senior Chinese official on Monday addressed the 11th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals and revealed that nearly 530,000 foreign experts were working in China in 2011. In cont  Read more »

Foreigners to get key rights

Foreigners who obtain permanent residency will have the same pension, employment and property rights as Chinese citizens, under new regulations announced on Tuesday. Access to schools for their child  Read more »

Teaching Techniques:The "Error Correction" Problem

Most EFL/ESL teachers now believe that students need to be given an acquisition-rich experience in the classroom, providing them with opportunities to listen to, read, write, and speak a lot of Engl  Read more »

Teaching Chilren: FAQ

Teaching young children can be a daunting prospect, especially to those who are new to the game, but don’t worry! Help is at hand. We have gathered here some FAQ’s about teaching English to young chil  Read more »

A Brief---Teaching in China

Teaching and living in China is an incredible experience. You will become the centre of attention. People will want to talk to you. They will want to know your opinion on everything and want to be you  Read more »

Laws and Regulations Governig Foreigners in China

The Chinese government is strict concerning adherence to its laws and regulations. If a foreign teacher breaks the Chinese laws, they are subject to Chinese punishment, incarceration, and/or deportati  Read more »

Procedures for Foreigners Working in China

Foreigners who want to work in China should first get in touch with a valid Chinese employer who has an employment license for foreigners issued by related labour administrative bureaus. Foreigners w  Read more »

More foreign interns seek work in China

Lauren Russell, 21, is one of four interns from the United States who work at She is a senior at the University of North Carolina. Audrey Broadway, 21, is a s  Read more »

Come to China for Fortune

Why choose China?Except the attraction of working in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, many foreigners are also drawn to China because of a personal desire to experience a completely   Read more »

Administration of Foreigners Working in China Provisions

(Promulgated by the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, on 22 January 1996 and effective as of 1 May   Read more »

Embroidery and Dyeing Skill

Embroidery and dyeing skill, known as "skein tie" in the ancient time, is a kind of old textile dyeing workmanship in China which is named knot cloth in Dali. As it is mainly produced in Da  Read more »

New Regulations for Foreigners in China

The ministry of public security has released new regulations that allow five categories of foreigners to apply for residence permits in China. Those people includes: Chinese citizens' foreign spou  Read more »

How to Cover Your Medical Cost in China

Most employers offer a basic health insurance plan, but you can also buy an insurance policy individually. China has no uniform system of private health insurance, so prices can vary widely (from ¥3,0  Read more »


GENERAL PROVISIONS ARTICLE 1. These Measures are formulated, in accordance with the Constitution of the People's Republic of China and the laws and decrees concerned, to protect the lawful rights an  Read more »

2012 International Recruitment of Presbyterian College

   Presbyterian College Presbyterian College长老会学院是一所私立文理学院,位于南卡罗来纳州的克林顿。长老会学院,简称PC,是附属于美国基督教长老会。PC成立于1880年由长老部长成立了的男女合校。学院的现任主席是五格里菲斯博士。长老会学院有大约1300学生,和运行在一个捐赠的约1亿美元。PC的座右铭是:“当我们活着的时候,我们应当服务社会。”  Read more »

Visa change for Beijing-sent teachers upsets China

BEIJING (AP) — A U.S. clampdown on visas for instructors at China's flagship cultural program overseas has incensed Beijing, with state media pouncing on it as an attempt by Washington to frustrate Ch  Read more »

Expatriates Soar as Working in China

A lack of qualified personnel in both the private and public sectors has seen the number of foreigners working in the country soar. Expatriates legally employed in the country last year almost doubl  Read more »

Cities with the Largest Demand of Foreign Teachers

Top 10 China Cities with the Largest Demand for Foreign TeachersChina education market is in great demand for foreign teachers now. We select top 10 cities from large number of China which is in great  Read more »

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