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Application and Approval

The employer when intending to employ a foreigner, stall fill out the Application Form for the Employment for Foreigners (hereinafter referred to as the "Application Form") and submit it to its compe  Read more »

be employed in china

Foreigner seeking employment in China shall hold the Employment Visas for their entry (In case of agreement for mutual exemption of visas, the agreement shall prevail.), and may work within Chinese t  Read more »

The Job Fair for Foreigners in Beijing 2010

The 2010 Job Fair for Foreigners in Beijing kicked off at the Beijing Swiss Hotel . It was held by and supported by the Information Research Center of International Talent, SAFEA.   Read more »

employment of foreigners in beijing

The Chinese Government allow the spouse of foreign diplomatic or consular personnel or foreign experts in China to, with the content of the Chinese Government and after going through necessary formal  Read more »

Volunteers serving in western China favored in job market

Volunteers who have served in the western regions of China are more preferred by employers, a survey published on Thursday has shown. The survey on 1,044 employers shows that more than 60 percent o  Read more »

The bullying boss is back

THE domineering bosses of the 1950s have reappeared in Australian workplaces because of recession pressures. Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick says bosses are taking a to  Read more »

E-Recruitment Opportunities Abound

E-recruitment is in the early adoption stages, but the benefits are convincing.E-recruitment practices -- using the Internet to find candidates for job openings -- have established some roots in the b  Read more »

Which IT Jobs Are the Hardest to Fill?

Forget love, a good mechanic, and downtown parking. Nowadays, a good database administrator is hard to find, according to an IT skills and compensation study published annually by people3. Analysts c  Read more »

Employer of Choice

Problems with staffing and retention may not be due to bad hires or a low unemployment rate. In fact, they may be related to poor management insight by not recognizing your employees as a core compete  Read more »

China faces serious employment problem

China has a very serious problem of employment as it has a large working-age population whose average educational level is relatively low, says a white paper entitled China's Employment Situation and   Read more »

China pledges more proactive employment policy, 42 bln-yuan support

China pledged Thursday it will implement an even more proactive employment policy this year and allocate 42 billion yuan to offset unemployment caused by the global financial crisis. To create more  Read more »

China to establish new rules to end lifelong employment of civil servants

Chinese government is drafting new recruitment rules which will terminate the "iron rice bowl" system of lifelong employment in civil service this year. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social S  Read more »

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