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How to Extend Foreigner Visa in China

If you want to spend more time in China, want a multiple entry, or need to have a different visa type, you can - in many circumstances – apply within China. Renewing a foreign visa in China requires a  Read more »

How to apply for residence permit in China?

It is not your visa but your residence permit that gives you the right to live in China. Upon arrival in China, you have 30 days to obtain your residence permit.Your initial visa grants you the right   Read more »

China releases new visa rules for foreigners

Several new regulations in China take effect today, including a visa rules. There is now a new category R visa to attract more foreign talent. There will also be tougher penalties are for people who o  Read more »

Notice for Residence Permits of Reunion Application and Extension for Foreigners (Temporary)

Ⅰ Application ObjectsThe foreigners who pay a long-term visit to their family members, Chinese citizens or the foreigners with permanent residency in Beijing; or the foreigners under 18 being fostered  Read more »

Notice for Foreign Citizens to Apply and Extend Residence Permit for Employment in China (Temporary)

Ⅰ Application ObjectsForeigners who are employed or work in Beijing can apply and extend residence permit. Ⅱ Application Materials1.Valid passport or other international travel certificates;2.Valid R  Read more »

Notice for Residence Permits of Student Application and Extension for Foreigners (Temporary)

Ⅰ Application ObjectsForeign citizens who are in a long-term study program in Beijing Ⅱ Application Materials1.Valid passport or other international travel certificates;2.Valid Registration Form of T  Read more »

Notice for Residence Permits of Journalists Application and Extension for Foreigners (Temporary)

Ⅰ Application ObjectsThe foreign journalists residing in Beijing Ⅱ Application Materials1.Valid passport or other international travel documents.2.Valid “Temporary Accommodation Registration Form” is  Read more »

Notice for Stay Permit and Renewal (Temporary)

I. Application Object 1.Visa exemption foreigners who need to stay overtime in Beijing for non-diplomatic or official reasons.2.Foreign crew and their familiy members who need to leave the port city   Read more »

Warm Prompt for Visa/Stay permit and Residence Permit Application (Temporary)

I. The Process TimeThe whole process of issuing a visa/stay permit will take 7 working days, while the residence permit will take 15 working days. Applicants can stay in China legally with the receipt  Read more »

Notice for Passport Reissuance of Lost and Damaged Passports for Foreigners (Temporary)

I. Application objectForeigners whose passport or other international travelling document was lost, damaged or stolen during stay in China. II. Application materials1.Valid passport and other interna  Read more »

New rules on visas for foreigners in China

CHINA yesterday announced a new exit-and-entry regulation intended to standardize the issue of visas for foreigners, related services and management.The 39-article regulation will take effect on Septe  Read more »

Procedures to apply for Resident (D) Visa

Resident Visa (D Visa) is issued to an alien who comes to reside permanently in China. Ⅰ.Please submit the following documents for your application: 1. A valid passport as well as a copy of its info  Read more »

Application for Residence Permit and Visa by Foreign Experts (Teachers) Working in China

 Foreign experts (teachers) working in China and their family members (spouse, underage children ) should hold Visa "Z" (work) to enter China and apply for, within 30 days of entry, residence permit t  Read more »

Foreigners Get Bigger Fines in Exit-entry Law

Shanghai fined and punished more than 500 foreigners for illegally staying in the country after China imposed its new exit-entry law in July, according to statistics provided by the city's immigrati  Read more »

Get a Visa in Hongkong to Extend Your Stay in China

If you are reading this article, then you are probably staying, or planning to stay, in China longer than a regular tourist visa will allow, and you are considering your options. First, you need to   Read more »

Supports on New Visa-free Policy

The capital should study passenger flow and draw up supporting services to complement Beijing's 72-hour visa-waiver offer, a political adviser has said. Despite the opportunities that have arisen t  Read more »

Visa for 5 Years Set for Stamp of Approval

Multiple-entry visas, valid for up to five years, will soon be on offer in a bid to attract more top talent. The Exit and Entry Administration Law, which comes into effect in July, will also introduc  Read more »

China Work Visa

A work visa is required for persons wanting to work in China for pay and their accompanying family members. This type of visa is also issued to aliens who come to China for commercial entertainment   Read more »

Introduction to Transit Visa

I. What is Transit visa (G-visa) Transit Visa (G-visa) is issued to a foreign citizen who is to transit through China on his/her way to a third country(or region) II. Requirements for G-visa appli  Read more »

Getting Z-Visa in China

When John got his work visa, he felt very lucky: The days when he had to leave the Chinese mainland every three months for a new visa had finally ended.With the Z-visa, he can now legally work in   Read more »

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